I've Got The Spring Back In My Step Today!


I'm really happy to say I have the spring back in my step today following a few days of feeling a tired, sluggish and suffering with a bit of a cold. I would like to think is due to the amazing Reflexology treatment I was treated to last night!

Gemma Castley-Adams who owns Tourmaline Reflexology invited me for a treatment and I jumped at the opportunity! I met Gemma back in October when she came along to Be Well and Beautiful in Frome and has become a regular at the events offering mini treatments to customers in need of some TLC.

Gemma uses a treatment room at the Manu Centre in Bradford on Avon but also offers home visits if that is easier, this was my first visit to the Manu and I have to say its beautiful, a really serene and calm space and perfect for unwinding.

I was quiet for pretty much the whole hour (very unlike me!) and I really was able to chill out in this comfortable space, the treatment itself was amazing, just the perfect pressure and oh so relaxing.

At the end I asked Gemma what she had picked up and she pinpointed an issue I have had with my neck and shoulder and also issues that you would expect with a cold such as chest, sinus and throat.

This morning I am feeling much more lively and well rested, quite energetic in fact enough to go for a run!

I highly recommend making an appointment with Gemma either at the treatment centre or you can find her at our next event in Frome on 4th Feb at The Assembly Rooms.

Do it you wont regret it!

Contact Gemma on - 07921 393919

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